1. 1. Go to 3D Froms to filter the size of the measurements, the clearest display of Dress Form
  2. 2. Please go to the product page and then filter, there has the most products
  3. 3. Contact us for our data database
  4. 4. Finally, you can contact us to develop your owns

Currently only bank transfers is accepted

 1. First, confirm the order
 2. Follow the payment information on the invoice for bank transfer
 3. Then, send the payment information to us
 4. You will receive a reply to confirm the successful payment

If payment do not completed within 14 days, your order will be automatically canceled

After the order confirmed, contact us within 2 days by enquire@takwaimodel.com

Orders cannot be canceled. But the order can be edit within 48 hours

A copy of the invoice will be received on the registration email

There are 2 options
 1. You can contact us directly to make a quotation and follow up
 2. Customers can also contact their own shipping and send us the shipping information as soon as possible

Contact us to find our database or find a similar models for remodeling

Reminder, When shipping company arrived the goods, please check clearly in front of them. Once they delivery to your hands, we do not bear any damage during the transportation

The production will be completed within 2 to 3 weeks after  payment  confirmed. The scheduled time does not include any shipping time

The ex-factory price is simply the product price, excluding any packaging costs, transportation costs and bank fees