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Tak Wai Model was established in 1988, with over 1400 molds of different size dress forms for your choice. Tak Wai mainly produces dress form mannequins for fashion design, garment fitting, sewing, and pattern making for over 33 years. Tak Wai professional dress forms have been required accurately shaped to remain as a standard tool for fit consistency for 33 years.

Tak Wai Model combines 3D technology and historical experience on a dress form to create the communication way between garment design and production.

Tak Wai Model welcome to offer custom dress form service and provide a specific solution for the garment industry.

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Custom Pinnable Dress Form Service

TakWai aim to provide our clients highly coordinated and involved services from measurement specifications, body shape, posture, prototype production to approval & 3D Scan document. We are also pleasure to provide professional consultation and 3D Scanning Service, include fitting model development proposal, time and budget as comprehensive information for your reference.

TakWai is able to scan and adjust virtual body in 3D measurement tools (include specifications / symmetry / shape and posture) and follow client’s comment to adjust virtual body until get the prior approval. Traditionally, our mold modeling team is able use data & information sculpture of prototype, then send photos & measurement list for 1st inspection and follow Client’s comments to adjust pro.

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Custom Pinnable Dress Form Service

For more accessible to find your best-fit dress form from our database, please follow the way to search dress form product:

1. Go to the product page and then using the filter to search by dress form’s chest, waist, hip.

2. Search the dress form by its size or area on the search function on top, such as US or Size 8.

3. Contact us for our dress form database that didn’t upload to the website yet.

4. Finally, if no dress forms fit, we are welcome fully custom dress form.

Special Offers

Professional Dress Forms

Dress Form

Production - consistency

As an essential tool for garment industry, Tak Wai dress form using multiple methods between tradition and 3D to ensure dress form consistent in most accurate body shape to be the standard fitting and design tool.

Dress Form

Production - multiple variety accessories

Tak Wai Dress From equips full functionality for fitting purpose by multiple accessories, and providing custom dress form accessorize combination to meet your needs and save you cost.

Dress Form

3D - 3D development

Tak Wai 3D dress form can be created by 3D software and built by scanning dress form, either using virtual dress form to print physical dress form. It provides a accurate digital method to implement 3D fitting between brands and supplier on garment simulation systems, such as CLO and Browzear.

Dress Form

Custom made - fully custom dress form

Tak Wai dress form service aim to provide our clients highly coordinated and involved process from measurement specifications, body shape, posture, prototype production to approval & 3D dress form document.

Dress Form

In-house production - privacy

The whole Tak Wai dress form production has been produced in our ShenZhen factory since 1988, no outsourcing at all. So we are able to provide privacy services and products for brands to increase competitive advantages and maintain product characteristics between dress form and garment.

Dress Form

Certificate - meet International Institutions requirement

Tak Wai Dress form start investing on green facilitates and international requirements in 2000s. Our standard meet government directive and International Institutions requirement.

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