To Build the Shape, Fit your Need, Fit your Garment. TakWai Model Clothes Rack Company established in 1988 which integrated in the production of garment-related products, such as stainless stain, iron shop fittings, display mannequins and dress form. In 1999, TakWai Model officially became the first dress form manufacturers in China, replacing the foreign expensive and imported dress form that might need six more months for order. For the past three decades, TakWai Model has been working unanimously to provide low-cost tools and equipment for the apparel industry in order to achieve win-win with clients. For the next generation, TakWai Model will keep working on 3D technology and the software development for apparel industry, further improving dress form quality for the apparel industry, keeping pace with the times and facing the challenge in the future.

TakWai Model aim to provide our clients highly coordinated and involved services from measurement specifications, body shape, posture, 3D Scan document. That’s why we can produce the most eligible Dress Form by clients needs. We are also pleasure to provide free professional consultation, include fitting model development proposal, time and budget as comprehensive information for your reference.

TakWai Model is looking forward to be your partner and build what in your mindset. Should you have any enquiry, Please do not hesitate to contact us for free information.


Established Year

Integrity And Time-honored Firm Through Historical Challenge.


Cooperated Brand

Closely Cooperation Experiences With More Than 500 International Organization


Mold Developed

At Least 40 Dress Forms Developed Yearly


Dress Form Produced

Yearly Production Up To 2000 Dress Forms.



Officially Established

Tak Wai Model Clothes Rack Co Was Established In Hong Kong At May 2, 1988

Assembly-Line Established

Tak Wai (Shenzhen) Model Clothes Rack Co. Was Established On ShenZhen At September 7, 1988



Early Production

Mainly Produce And Sale Appliance Of Clothing Industry

1st DressForm Supplier

Tak Wai As The 1st Manufacture & Supplier Of Dress Form In China & Hong Kong



Factory Expansion

Tak Wai Move To An About 50,000 Square Feet Standalone Plant In ShenZhen

3D Technology

3D Cutting Machine & Stare Harmony With 3D Technology To Develop & Produce Our Dress Form Officially Use In Production



3D Body-Scanner

3D Body Scanner Which Scan Human, Get Body Measurement And Related Data For Our Dress Form Is Officially Use In Development.

Germany Exhibition

To Explore Europe Market Demand And Communicate With Local Business Partner.



3D Handheld-Scanners

To Scans Quickly, Capturing Precise Measurements In High Resolution, Especially For Human Body.

Environmental Protection System

Upgrade Plant Environmental Protection System And Obtain Environmental Protection Certificate


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